Giorgio Garivaghi – Chief Designer

Giorgio Gaviraghi – Chief Designer

Giorgio Gaviraghi received his Architectural degree in 1968 at the Milan Polytechnic in Italy. He has since taken part in a number of graduate courses in management, marketing , and design at several major universities. At first as a project architect, then as Project Manager, responsible for international projects, he has built a distinguished career across the globe. He has acted as CEO for international companies operating in the design , construction, real estate and touristic resort development, he has been a Director General of multinational companies operating in Europe, U.S., Latin America and the Middle East in the field of design and construction, touristic resorts and real estate. He is responsible for major initiatives, some worth more than $ 5000M $ U.S., as the design and construction management agent. Some project examples are the reconstruction of Friuli after the 1976 earthquake; in aerospace, the Aeritalia Boeing facilities, the HAI in Greece and the electromagnetic gun for SDI. Project designer and general manager of major resorts and hotels in the Red Sea, Sardinia, Bahamas and other major tourist sites in the world. Winner of international competitions in innovative products and systems for industrial design, Giorgio has specialized in Space architecture for advanced projects and proposals for major space agencies. In the last five years he has founded Exponential Design Lab, a design and project management company that operates from Latin America with customers all around the world.

Giorgio Gaviraghi
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