Foreword by Leeward Space Foundation
Human Civilization faces some very difficult challenges ahead, such as climate change, industrial pollution, depletion of natural resources, clean energy development, eradication of poverty, and many others. At Leeward Space Foundation, we believe that permanent solutions to many of these challenges can be found by developing nearby space resources. We also believe that the technological breakthroughs that will allow us to venture out into space will also help us resolve many of our outstanding issues in our own home planet Earth.

At Leeward our main purpose is an advocacy for Humanity and Human Civilization. We believe that we must work with other groups to accomplish the goal of maintaining and strengthening our civilization for ourselves and our children. We support efforts to help Humanity become a space-faring race through exploration, commercialization and colonization of our solar system and beyond. Since the development of space resources offers long term answers to most of Humanity’s most pressing concerns, we will support research to find an affordable, reliable and safe access to space in order to develop these resources to improve the lives of all, and to protect the environment in which we live.

We encourage all stakeholders in the future of Humanity and Human Civilization to work together with us in the ISDHub platform to realize our common goals in the development of space resources, the protection of our environment and Human Civilization.

Interstellar Space Is Mankind’s Endless Frontier: Let’s Go!

After 2 billion years the evolution of life has reached the threshold of an epochal event: the passage of life from one medium to another. As occurred 400 million years ago when the first living organism left the sea and explored the surface of a young Earth, today, one of that organism’s descendents, Homo Sapiens, is developing the capabilities to leave the planet of origin and expand in a new and practically endless medium, outer space.

Since the beginning of time, mankind has sought to understand what is beyond the horizon. Humanity has crossed plains, deserts, rivers, sea and oceans, and scaled mountains just to see across to the other side. Such explorations have increased knowledge, advanced technology, and procured an immense wealth and productivity. Today, after so many of these explorations, the entire Earth, with the exception of its oceans and internal depths, is charted and better understood.

Our future as a durable and surviving species may lie beyond our planet. Space is our next “over the horizon” frontier. As the Moon, Mars, and the solar system continue to be explored and human investigation and settlement expands life, civilization, and culture within these closer territories, we look further to identify and understand the endless frontier of human civilization: Interstellar Space.

This journey is without doubt the greatest challenge humanity can face and embrace. The decision to travel to the stars must be a universal one. Humanity itself must decide to undertake this venture by actively participating in these historic events, initiating a motivated scientific and cultural momentum that even as an indirect outcome could solve many of the global problems currently challenging us.

Such a collective and forward looking investment will be repaid many times. The global interstellar strategy will help create employment, eliminate pollution, prevent resource depletion, poverty and disease, support economic structures and inspire entire generations for centuries and even millennia to come.

Shall we proceed and spark the next singularity to fast track our rapid evolution, or shall we stay in our limited world with eyes closed to the universe beyond, while we continue to face ever more serious problems?

We must unleash our economic imagination in order to unlock the resources we need to power Interstellar Travel.

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