About Us

ISDHub: A Space Platform

On the 6th of June, 2012, with the Transit of Venus, ISDHub JV submitted a proposal to NASA Ames to transform HANGAR ONE in Moffett Field California from a parking space into a space platform.
ISDHUB is conceived as a business hub with the technical specifics to cater for a sophisticated clientele, and an investment platform, to channel resources and innovations into an indispensable 21st century industry.
We want to build an International Space Development HUB in HANGAR ONE, driven with the sole purpose to support, facilitate, energize, and enhance the space industry globally. The HUB will act as a hot spot for innovation and will encourage synergy and collaboration in the drive to innovative technological breakthroughs.

ISDHub will be a technically advanced office complex dedicated to IT and space technology companies and startups. It will be a green structure that aims to be self sufficient in terms of its energy consumption.
ISDHub will also host a number of advanced technological features, and a host of other services that aim to provide all possible logistical comfort to the future ISDHub tenants.

ISDHub will be an open global platform that aims to act as a catalyst for the great changes to come, and will be home to cultural, scientific, artistic, and educational initiatives, playing its role in a new and unfolding world view.
The ISDHub Partners are determined to pursue this vision, and have identified HANGAR ONE in Moffett Field California as the right point of origin for this unique project.