Hangar One

“The next step is to determine how best to use this national resource in a manner that is compatible and consistent with NASA’s mission. NASA Ames is exploring potential partnerships to support this worthwhile endeavour. The criteria for determining development and use already exist within the charter of the NASA Research Park (NRP).” -S. Pete Worden, Director, NASA Ames Research Centre Moffett Field, California.

ISDHub is being proposed as a re-use concept for Hangar One. The immense and historic Hangar One at Moffett Field, NASA Ames Research Park, is undergoing its first phase of a rehabilitation program, and re-use strategies have been in the public domain for some time.

Given the unique, large scale and readily accessible built location in the heart of Silicon Valley, the placement of an integrated and diversified space development mission at Hangar One brings significant benefits.

ISDHUB partners believe that Hangar One is an ideal starting point for a global space development HUB.

A Business HUB and an Investment Platform

The goal is to reinvent Hangar One at NASA Ames Research Centre as a prime green location for companies and startups in Space and Information Technology. ISDHub will achieve this by transforming Hangar One from a parking space, into a space platform. In parallel, ISDHub will aim to develop investment opportunities aimed at channeling much needed funds towards a vital and promising industry.

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Hangar One

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